Monday, January 19, 2009

Knit PH at Freddy's: January 18 '09

I got through the door and Bleu, the bartender said "You're fans are waiting in the backroom." — snowy evening never deters an avid knitter. A woman spoke loudly with her hand over her free ear. "Yeah, I'm at a bar called Freddy's... that's right we're drinking... and knitting..." she laughed. Three new faces looked up from the corner booth, Maggie, Charlotte, and Cheryl. I introduced myself and set up the swift and winder. Emily walked in, beer in hand. She said hello and took out the mate to a fingerless mitten.

Tracey is so close to done with her red scarf. Patty brought her scarf and sat next to Sara and Moriah. Marina sat next to me, she brought out another beautiful neck warmer. Zack is also new to our group, he showed off one well crafted blue sock. I think this is his second pair. He showed us a clever technique for socks, he uses two short circular needles instead of using the magic loop or a set of DPNs. I'm still working on the new blue hooded scarf. I'm using Berroco Peruvia. "So where do you buy your yarn?" Emily asked. There are lot of alternatives to one's LYS. I get my yarn at Stitch Therapy (where I teach basic knitting), or School Products in Manhattan. I've purchase yarn Knit Picks with mixed results. Eliza said she bought from some ones Ravelry stash to match a yarn on a project when she ran short. Some people have purchased yarn on eBay with good results.

Marina highly recommends Knit Picks Harmony circular needles kits. The needles are inter-changeable, and the you can expand the length by adding more cables. They're made from layered colors of laminate wood and they feel very warm in your hands, but I prefer nickel-plated Addi Tubos. Emily and Moriah got up to wind some hanks of yarn saying that she was trying to work through her stash but "sale yarn... I shouldn't have, but..." I think we're all a bit weary that we might become a craft hoarders. I should buy a smaller swift, every now and then we get one of those home-spun smaller hanks that don't fit onto the large swift.


Ana said...

Loved your description! Loved the place where you meet, really cozy! I am still hoping I can find such a place in Lisbon for our meetings!

The Yarn Monkey said...

There has to be a Tapas Bar near you where you can knit. No?

Ana said...

Hmmmmmm... No Tapas Bar but I guess I'll manage a really cozy spot soon ;o)!