Saturday, March 14, 2009

Knit PH at Prospect Perk, March 10 '09

Anastasia, Jan, Pat, Lisa A., Naomi, Eliza, Eve... we need a few more chairs at Prospect Perk. I should get some stacking stools from Ikea. We had some new folks, Laurie, Nancy, and Eve. Laurie noticed our Knit PH sign at the sugar and cream station and signed up. Eve is a beginner but a fast learner, she spent the evening going over the basics with Lisa A. and Pat.

The blanket squares are in! So far we have 21 knit and 20 crochet pieces... and a pair of mittens. Lisa G. and Jose popped into the cafe just to drop of her work while they were out walking the dogs. Lisa and Marci went the extra mile, they almost made their own blankets without us. Marina dropped off her work as well. Our goal is to make four baby blankets for the Afghans for Afghans charity.

In addition to all that work, Marci made Lisa a beautiful "thank you" scarf for having her as a guest while her apartment was being painted. I like this bias pattern, it's an interesting way to show off variegated yarn.

Marci mentioned that a new outdoor knitting circle will be meeting at the Brooklyn Public Library starting this summer. In part they want to focus on collecting and trading needles. "The return of the Brooklyn Clean Needle Exchange? That's a symptom of a recession and city budget cuts." I joked. I think it's a great idea as long as it's in a shaded area. At the world-wide KIP day last summer the heat became a unbearable on the museum steps after 2:00 PM. I remember sweat continually dripping down my face and arms and yarn sticking to my hands. But I did get a great even tan — win some, lose some.

Naomi lost her Trixie (Berroco) pattern while she and her husband were in DC, so instead she worked on a scarf. I Googled and searched on Ravelry for th pattern, but so far no luck with the pattern but a few people do have the booklet. In the worst case scenario we can count through the back piece and write the front panels.

Eliza is working on her linen stitch jacket. I like this stitch pattern, the gauge is almost perfectly square and I think it's very elegant. So far she has one sleeve in progress. I'm designing a baja jacket in linen stitch, summer is around the corner. I'm also working on another wedding shrug for Caroline's sister Gabriella. I've sketched out some ideas, one of them a hooded shrug. That might work it's way into my LOTR inspired knits.


Eliza said...

ha! i have more than a sleeve!! Just one more sleeve and I can piece it together, just in time for summer!! yee haw!!

The Yarn Monkey said...

Post some progress pics on our blog, the color and texture is beautiful. Are you going to line the coat?