Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Has Everything Gone To The Dogs?

Here's a pictorial metaphor of the recession — a hemorrhoid billboard advertisement parked in front of an near empty luxury condo. As the global economy continues to hemorrhage, unemployment has climbed to above 8%, new construction is almost at a stand-still and people are still paying more than half of their take-home pay on their mortgages or rent. Bad time to be a realtor, no?

Chronies in Albany proclaimed Atlantic Yards project a done deal telling us we should just pack our things and accept it, but now the words "done deal" has taken on a new meaning. In our Prospect Heights hamlet, the threat of the Atlantic Yards development has ground to a screaching halt, just as architect Frank Gehry pronounced the "AY project is dead". He has since retracted his statement but let project staff go. AY developer, Forest City Ratner still proclaims the project will return. Bartender Mike says "Bull S***!" as Freddy's bar is still open for business in the alleged demolition area. One question: Who is going take responsibility for destroying our neighbothood? Half demolished buildings stand where busiensses once thrived.

These recent events read more like a soap opera than news, "The PH"? It seems everything is going to the dogs. Even this little guy. Meet Charlie, Eric and Lynn's new golden lab pup.

She protested her afternoon walk by plopping down in in the middle of the sidewalk, but I got her to chase the bee-shaped cat toy up the block and up the stairs. Further scientific proof that dogs like bees, even the fake ones. But as much as she loved chewing on the bee, this tiny toy might present a choking hazard.

So I made this Tunisian crochet dog toy — for ruff play. Charlie took to it right away like... well... um... like a dog to a bone. It's made from construction grade masonry line, the same cotton line used to snap chalk lines onto concrete. I stuffed it with "dog nip" — shredded single socks that re-appear after I do the laundry. Now I have a reason to hang onto those unmatched singles.

Chewing is an essential part of a young dog's life. It helps them shed their "baby teeth". The act of chewing into this toy also flosses Charlie's teeth with each bite. Unfortunately it won't do anything about that dog breath. Maybe I should've tossed some Altoids in there. Judging from these photos Charlie will wear out long before this toy will.

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J.R. said...

Great idea! At first when I saw the photos, I thought it won't take long for that to break. But construction grade masonry line.. shouldn't have a problem with that :) We're most likely going to have a pup soon too, so as knitters/crocheters we are, a crocheted toy like that would be fantastic. But since yarns aren't that durable, I never thought it would be possible. Though using that kind of "yarn" never crossed my mind :P