Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Knit PH at Propsect Perk, Oct. 13 '09

We started the fall by knitting at Prospect Perk Café. The temperature was quickly dropping, but it was good to see old faces and some news ones come in from the cold and warm up over good conversation. Tomo and Mari were there first. Tomo brought her Noro leggings and Yarn Harlot's "Pretty Thing" for show and tell. I brought my black sweater.

Mari is also a member of the Park Slope Knitting Circle. More of a hooker than a knitter, she worked on a wheat and moss crochet Afghan. Beautiful work, it almost looked as if she wove it. Valarie comes all the way from Mill Basin, it's a bit of hike but she feels motivated by the group — especially since she's been having some arm problems. She asked me to promote a crochet circle at the Mill Basin Library. Marina showed off her neck warmer hat.

She's sold a few on Etsy. I like her sparkly yarn doubled with a plum Cascade 22o. The antique buttons close the deal.

Amy, my coffee buddy, stopped into Perk to get an after-work snack. She had her subway project in her bag, a thick short scarf. Adrienne brought her own stool and some books to ponder, she was feeling stuck. Books and magazines are good that way, they serve to inspire. She's already made a few things for her husband, but now what?

My conclusion is that most of us suffer from U.F.O.S. or Un-finished Object Syndrome. We all admitted to having more stash than we need, so we agreed that a yarn exchange is in order for the December meet-up. This will help prevent symptoms of I.F.H.S. (Involuntary Fiber Hoarding Syndrome). At this point I just want to finish my sweater whether it fits me or not and move through my stash.

Lisa remembered to bring the Tiger Moth Shawl that I designed for Stitch Therapy. It's a simple lace pattern that repeats one row. It works best when made with variegated yarns such as InCanto (cotton/linen) or Silk Garden (silk/wool), but it's also a good way to use up left over yarns from other projects.

Tiger Moth Shawl Pattern
This reversible lace shawl is knit from the neck down working flat on circular needles. Every row increases by 4 sts with the central pattern remaining 24 sts wide. "M1" is an annotation for "front & back" increase method: Knit into the back of stitch to be increased (on left needle); with the stitch still on the needle knit the front of that stitch; transfer the 2 new stitches to the right needle.

You'll need:
• 600 yds (548 M) or more of any medium weight yarn
• 36" US#11 Circ. Needle
• 2 stitch markers

Cast on 44 sts and divide them into 3 section with markers as such: 10, 24, and 10 sts.

Row 1:

Right section: K1, yo, (k2tog, yo) X 4, M1 into last stitch. Place marker.
Center section: (K1, yo, k2tog) X8. Place marker. (total of 24 st)
Left section: M1 into first stitch, yo, (k2tog, yo) X 4, k1.

Row 2:
Right section: K1, yo; (knit k st and yo together, yo) rep. until before the last st; m1 into last stitch. Slip marker.
Center section: *(K1, yo, knit k st and yo together) X8. (total of 24 st). Slip marker.
Left section: M1 into first stitch, yo; (knit yo and K st together, yo) rep. until before the last st; k1.

Repeat Row 2 for a total of 60 rows (or more if you want it bigger). Bind off loosely, cut yarn, sew in ends. Wash, block, and dry flat.

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