Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A French Twist

My friend Clermont and his band were in town to play at the Atlantic Antic. He's the musical empresario of the French rock band Les Sans Culottes. Long ago, I played with Monty in faux jug band. They were all French but they put on a decent American accent — isn't that a twist! Pressed for time, we met for a drink after rehearsal.

"Allô allô." said Clermont. He tipped his favorite hat at me — a chunky two-color scally cap that I made for him a few years ago. Kit Kat, Johnny, and Jacques we're deeply engaged in a conversation. She blew me a kiss and told me I need to wear more navy. "Du Bud, no?" she bought me a beer. Edith arrived, cell phone in one hand, a slice in the other. "Eh, ou est Jeanaté?" We toasted Brooklyn and sat for a few drinks but we didn't get to catch up much. Les deux chanteuses needed their beauty sleep. I'd see them on Saturday.

After re-engineering this hat pattern a few times I felt it was only right that I should name it after Monty when I release this pattern in the fall. "Clermont Ferrand," along with a few more of my patterns will be available through Ravelry.com.

Saturday afternoon at the Atlantic Antic, the weather was warm and the streets were spilling over with celebration — food, jewelry, clothing and shoes, rides for children, and of course music and live entertainment at every corner.

I heard them in the distance as I waded through people, baby carriages and wandering dogs. I went back to State Street to avoid the crowd, took a wrong turn and ended up in front of Magnetic Field. By the time I got to Last Exit Bar they had just finished playing "Apollinaire." Edith winked at me from the stage. Ms. Kit Kat pointed at her mouth asking if she needed more lipstick and jumped right into "Les Chantons."

So many people — friends, neighbors, strangers, tourists... some danced and sang along, most just listened in awe. Perhaps they were expecting a patriotic Revolutionary movement and not a band?

Les chanteurs éclectiques: Kit Kat, Clermont, & Edith...

Thèo and Jeanaté avec guitar and bass...

Johnny and Jacques, keys and percussion...

Go-go dancers emerged and climbed their way onto the tall speakers and like a musical mirage the band vanished into a sea of applause, fini. Although I caught the better half of the first set I couldn't stay the next hour to hear their new songs. They return to New York on October 31st to play at Mercury Lounge.

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Scarfaholic said...

I love the hat. And it's great news aboout your patterns, I hope you will release your scarf patterns!