Friday, July 29, 2011

Handle with Care

Sometime today (or tomorrow) a mysterious package will arrive in Baltimore via USPS ground — a care package for my friends and Josh and Megan... and Weens and Pizazz. Inside this rather large box of crushed paper and bubble wrap are a few small but well packaged treats: assorted crochet key chain fobs and cat toys, and my home-made Gochuchang (Korean chili paste) and Baechu (Napa cabbage kimchi). I’m not so good with baked goods.

Fobs and cat toys: two dumplings and three bees
In theory Weens and Pizazz do not perceive the color red, so I made these toys in shades of yellow, green, and blue. So... in theory cats may not see kimchi but Megan can spot this jar from another state. I reminded her not to eat the whole jar in one sitting — or suffer the gastrointestinal consequences. For this kimchi recipe visit

Korean delights — home-made Gochughang and Kimchi

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