Thursday, June 12, 2008

Knit PH in the Park: June 06, 2008

I had to cancel out of Knit PH in the park this month, my evening plans from last week moved to Wednesday. But co-pilot Lisa G. (aka, knithoundbrooklyn) sent me the good word: "It was a great meet up, wish you could have been there. The weather was fantastic, every one had a good time. We stayed till nearly 9PM..."

Idyllic Knitting
by Lisa G.

Amanda came all the way from Morningside Hts to knit with her friend Holly and showed us her scarf, knit with Silk Dream by Lang — the pattern is from, called "Lace Ribbon Scarf". Mmmm, nice...

The Knit PH group got together for a bit of idyllic knitting in... [Prospect] park this evening — what a perfect evening it was, too. As the sun set over the trees, we sat in a convivial circle, talking about our lives and our knitting. How cool is it that so many things in the larger life are played out with sticks and yarn. I am always amazed by the correlation...

The weather this evening, unlike the last few, was perfect. The air was sweet and the dragon flies danced over our heads. I think we are so lucky to have knitting, parks, good weather and good friends. Don't you? We all had a great time and voted for more [Prospect] park knitting this summer!

But in stark contrast to Wednesday evening's pastoral weather

Tuesday night marked the last of the heatwave in a most dramatic way. I went to my friend Ian's 29th birthday party he's still under 30? and witnessed a massive lighting storm. Earlier in the evening we took pictures in the large concrete conduit on Dean Street and why not. As we went back in, the color of the sky changed rapidly from coral pink to dusky grey. The the sun slipped away completely.

The air turned sweet, it almost had the scent of fresh bread dough. At first I thought it was the cake crumbs caught in my moustache and goatee. The wind kicked up and trees started bending as a cloud of dust from the construciton area. You could hear gravel pelting agaisnt cars and windows. Plastic grocery bags and street garbage raced down the street as if they were fleeing impending doom. The black construction tarps flapped wildly. They looked as if they going to rip from their ties.

Of course that meant we all had to go back outside to stand in the middle of the turmoil. We retreated as soon as the lighting got a bit dangerous, but what a show — better than any Floyd concert. The rain flew almost horizontally to the ground. But when all ceased, everything just felt clean. The breeze was now slow and cool. The weather had finally broken.


Eliza said...

I'm sorry to have missed it, but I will be there on Saturday!

Tony, I keep noticing that your photos seem pixilated. Any idea why?

The Yarn Monkey said...

I'll check on those pix, maybe I'm importing them in too low-res? My yahoo mial is gettign a bit squirrellu too. Hmmm.

Sounds like they had fun in the park.