Monday, February 16, 2009

Knit PH a Freddy's: February 15 '09

Stephanie and I got up late and walked through Redhook to Ikea for meatballs and gravlax, She wore the earings I got her for Valentine's Day along with the Angora hat I made her for christmas. Later we went out Korean food, and rented "Pineapple Express." We were still laughing about the irate woman at Ikea who screamed "Ok people, Stealing is bad karma! Who took my cart!" at everyone as her shopping cart had been usurped. Happy Valetine's Day!

A brisk Sunday night, Naomi hiked it down from Greenpoint on the G, she just finished a show in Montreal. Meg caught the bus from South Slope to finish her green baby blanket over a beer or two. Naomi is now working on the other side of her Berroco sweater. I hate instructions that just read: Left side, mirror right side. I posted the square patterns on our Knit PH MeetUp page but I printed a few and put some samples on a table for the Afghans for Afghans blanket drive.

I set up the swift and winder and soon the rest arrived for beer and balls. Zuri and the EMT crew asked if they could share the room with us. Why not — it would be win-win if we had a craft-related malefice. Marci and Meike are the resident hookers — Maggie crochets as well. She showed us the hat and scarf set she made. Meike is a minister, she also plays fiddle and follows a few blue grass jams in the city. I told her about the Old Time Jam at Freddy's — lately it's been all about fiddling.

Petra sat at Tomo and Harp Girl's table. I hadn't seen Petra in a long while, she's been in Argentina while her band Gaijin A-go-go is on break. I coached Pat along with the oblique knit square. She sat with Charolotte and Maggie.

I've made 12 squares so far — just 8 short of a baby blanket. Marci said she would get started after she finished current project, but didn't want to break a new skein. So I tossed her a freezer bag of odd balls. I guess that makes me a craft bully.

We have two new guys in the group, Stew is new and Zack is now our resident sock guru. Meg chatted him up for sock advise, she wants to something small that she can make on the subway. There sure is a lot of good self-patterning sock yarn out there.

Although I use MeetUp register to RSVP, I never enforce it at Freddy's. There's lots of room to spread out in the back room. Elfe brought some friends along, they were reacquainting themselves with a pattern in the corner booth. We had a good crowd of 17 people and few oglers. I guess we're all sick of staying at home to avoid the weather.

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