Friday, February 06, 2009

Afghans for Afghans: Charity Blanket Drive

Hello Brooklynites,

In a collective effort to help those less fortunate than we, Knit PH is asking you to dig into your hearts and even deeper into your yarn stash. We are organizing a blanket drive for Afghans for Afghans, a humanitarian and educational program that sends knit and crochet goods to the people of Afghanistan. To learn more about their cause visit their web site:

The thought of one person making a whole blanket can be daunting, but if each of us made one or two square, the task would take minimal effort. Through the month of February Knit PH wil be collecting knit or crochet squares and assembling a sewing team. Our goal is to make at least 4 children's blankets (40" X 32"). Each blanket will need 20 squares.

Blanket Square Instructions:
1) Use any medium weight wool or wool-blend yarn.
2) Download these PDFs with basic knit and crochet instructions for an 8" square:
3) Drop off your work at Prospect Perk Cafe before March 31.
4) Sewing date around April 7

You can use your own pattern as long as it measures 8" X 8". Afghans for Afghans guidelines state not to use representational images of people and animals in your pattern. This includes human faces and religious symbols. Flowers, abstract, or geometric patterns are acceptable to Muslim culture.

Please e-mail ahead if you will be contributing so that we can keep track of our charity project.
Subject: Afghans for Afghans

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