Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's Summer In Australia

It must be 14° out there, and the damp wind doesn't help. I had one of my refrigerator-clean-out lunches today — tuna and chicken pasta. I call it "Beach and Barn." I wished I'd made more leek and potato soup. What I really wanted was good smoky BBQ.

You can count the number of businesses that have closed on Flatbush by the large sheets of ice in front of stores. I slipped on the ice the other day, right in front of the pool hall. All I know is that I saw my feet in the air and yelled "oh nooooo!" Is it really worth stepping out to buy a pack of cigarettes in this weather?

"It's Summer in Australia." says my friend Anna Copacabana. That's also the name of her latest show. Anna is an Aussie ex-pat and modern-day vaudeville artist. I make props for her show such as this ginormous papier machier flower head.

I've only seen her show live a few times, but I usually catch her on YouTube. Anna is ridiculus fun.

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Dexter Nicholson said...

Cool costume... I love summer in Australia, although am not too much of a fan of it when heat wave is just too much. Summer in Australia is a great time to go to the beach and watch surfers tackle the big waves. I also love surf events as there will surely be a lot of billabong ladies on scene... Cool Experience.