Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Entrelac Adventure

Fall finally arrived like that friend whose always 45 minutes to an hour late. Cell phones people, let's use 'em. Class went well at Stitch Therapy this past Sunday evening. The usual suspects were present: first-time hats, baby sweaters, traveling patterns, dropped stitches, twisted spines, and long tails. But then from the corner of my eye I saw someone pull out an Alexander Calder mobile made of wool triangles suspended on a long circular needle.

I asked what she was making — a Debbie Bliss Entrelac Blanket. Entrelac? It sounds like a Gastrointestinal problem. Entrelac is a technique that departs from traditional knitting by alternating rows of boxes at 45 degree angles. It takes equal amounts of patience and commitment. I imagine it was invented by someone stranded on an iceberg or possibly in the Gulag.

In theory it's construction should look more like this...

than this.

Source: "East Buidling Mobile", Calder Foundation, http://www.calder.org/

Without much time left for class, I had her pull everything out to the first row of triangles. I looked over the pattern. It’s beautiful and inventive but yo Debbie, could it hurt to show some step-by-step photos with your pattern?
Today I dropped off some basic Entrelac instructions at the shop from "Big Book of Knitting" (Katharina Buss, Sterling Press). On page 158, there are detailed instructions accompanied with photos. I recommend this book as an encyclopedia for intermediate knitters. It covers everything you’ll need: basic knitting, sweater patterns, finishing techniques, sewing, etc. Originally published as a thick, back-breaking hardcover book in 1999, it is now available in a less than spine-crushing paperback.

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