Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rock Star

An editor from a knitting magazine asked if I had any contributions for their mens’ wear, Summer Issue. I’ve been working on a few things, more sweaters, more shirts, a backpack that looks like an accordion, a large paper-mache dragon head... not so much. So I sent her some photos of Caroline’s wedding shrug.

First Reply: It's freaking gorgeous!!!!! I am actually doing a wedding story for XXXXX XXXXXXXX Summer [issue]. Might you be willing to do a white version for XX [magazine]? In was hoping you'd have more cool men's stuff for [us]... lemme know.

I don’t really design a lot women’s stuff — scarves don’t count. Caroline’s wedding is the exception to the rule. Another project? October is also keenly busy for me to design something new, I got work coming out of my…

Second Reply: So... we want a wedding shrug, it can be knit but in the style of the red shrug... can I beg you to make it?

ears. But how could I say no? Granted, popular men’s wear is limited but easier in terms of design. Women’s wear is always a much bigger challenge to me. I can never figure out why anyone would want a nice sweater that isn’t warm enough. And ponchos? Ponchos?! I got a call this past spring from Alice Fixx (a.k.a. the “Godmother of Knitting”, Big Apple Knitters). She got me a spot on the "Jane Pauley Show" (knit segment, Knit Night at Freddy’s). This time she wanted to know if I would appear on a new "top secret" morning show wearing a poncho: “No”. Then the producer of the show called.

First call: “Would you wear a manly poncho if someone made it?”
“Mmmm, No.”
Second call: “Would you appear on the show making a poncho?”
Third call: “How about if you wore a rugid poncho, a Man-cho?”
Clever, but I said "No."
Fourth call: “It's Martha Stewart's new morning show?” pause, breath deep "No." I'm just not that much a media whore. Unless you're a guy from Chile with a donkey, a poncho is a tough one to pull off.

Anyhow a box of yarn arrived yesterday from the magazine. My jaw dropped, I’ve never seen anything this exquisite: Tilli Tomas “Rockstar”, 100% natural spun silk with glass beads, buff white, 150yds/100 gms, retail $38.00. I’m almost afraid to touch it. This is as soft as a kitten, Reminder, feed Dan and Carry’s Cat. Note: Cat is afraid of piano and Leonard Cohen.

My reply: Affirmative captain, we will rock this shrug and make it so!

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