Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Elvish Has Left the Building

I don’t usually name anything I make, but it seems fit for this hat to be called “Dol Sindar” (Tolkein’s Grey Elves), which best describes my friend XXX and his new cable hat. I swore on my life to keep his identity a secret.

Here's a description from L.L. Bean's Unearthed Aracana-logue:

"Dol Sindar", the Level-12 Theif''s Kufi, will keep your head warm like dragons breath on a cold night of adventure. Light and strong like mithril, it resists moisture, magical arrows, and bladed attacks yet it folds neatly into a stealthy daggar sheath — it' s perfect for back-stabbing as one never expects to be killed with such a nice hat. Dol Sindar is trimmed with silken gold, just what every Theif desires. No air freight deliveries availabile to Outer Middle Earth, Hawaii, St. Thomas /U.S Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Saipan and Guam.

It can be worn high on the head like a crazed Ranger's helmet or pulled down like an unsuspecting Cleric's cap. There is no particluar way to wear it, but I prefer the wide cable worn up the front. This is James, the morning barista from Prospect Perk. He was kind enough to lend his head while on his cigarette break. Although James resemebles an Elvish soldier, he is actually a second-year medical student. That's good to know because if you're choking at the café... well, there's James to the rescue. These headshots were taken by Dan Sagarin.

This hat is made from two balls of Reynold's Rapture "Charcoal". This highly-spun merino/silk blend gives it a soft gun-metal sheen, it also makes for sproingy cables. It’s trimmed in I-chord with Reynold’s Rapture “Gold”. Ram’s horn cables emerge and cleave their way between columns of ribs that twist like Elvish rope. They turn under and into each other in a dangerous dance and meet at a runic Evenstar at the crown. Dol Sindar is not available in Quenya sizes.

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