Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ordinary Sweaters: Meet the Jarrets

Source: Paramount Pictures

Where's Bud?

These sweaters fit so perfectly. Or do they? Cashmere casuals obscure fragile human flaws in the movie "Ordinary People" (1980). Say hello to the Jarret family, from left to right: Beth (Mary Tyler Moore), Conrad (Timothy Hutton), and Calvin (Donald Sutherland). After the untimely drowning of Bud, the oldest boy, and Conrad's suicide attempt, the Jarrets try to cope with everyday life after loss. But their sanity hangs by a thread. It's Fall, the movie seduces you with bucolic New England vistas and a high school choir singing Pachelbel's Canon. Then it takes a turn down an uncharted bumpy road.

"Ordinary People" was based on the book by Judith Guest and was directed by Robert Redford. This movie introduced Americans to words such as grief counselor, dysfunctional,  enabler, crew neck, shawl collar, and cardigan. Take a look at the family portrait above, you can drive a car between Beth and Conrad. Poor Calvin, he doesn't realize that camel doesn't go with everything and his family is falling apart! Do something Calvin!

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