Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ordinary Sweaters: Laying Cable

Nothing complements a flat affect like a crew neck pullover. As you can see from these photos, it can be worn casually with denim, or tucked neatly under a blazer — it's perfect for any occasion. Conrad Jarret's timeless tog has been to tree trimming parties, Holiday get-togethers, a first date, therapy, and a rush trip to the ER.

The crew neck collar has a shy boyish appeal, it almost smiles at you saying "hug me... oh never mind, I'll just hug myself... I mean... leave me alone!" but that could be the lobotomy talking.

The quintessential crewneck pullover might be the only sweater a guy will ever need. In fact Conrad has a few in pleasing yet regressive colors: beige, dove grey, charcoal and brown.

The collar, cuffs and waistband are finished in a 1 X 1 rib for a snug fit. The wide waistband was popular in the late '70s. Although it had a "puffy" look at the lower torso, it stopped the band from riding up onto the body, especially when raising an angry arm at an enabling father like Calvin Jarret.

"Calvin, you're always taking his side!" The alternating cable-rib pattern and drop sleeves are very understated. This sweater almost blends into the wall, which is what Conrad does whenever his mother walks into the room. Conrad demonstrates the smooth merino drape of his sweater by giving Beth his back. For comfort, versatility, and anonymity you can't beat a stone gray crew neck. Good choice Conrad!

Source: Paramount Pictures

This is a great gift to give avid knitters — so they can make you a sweater. "Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (Unless You've Got the Ring)" by Judith Durant (Storey Books): all the projects are nice and very well thought out, the instructions are clear, the patterns are errata free. Among the vests, hats, and socks there's a classic cotton crew neck (p. 129) that every guy will want. But guys, beware. This subversive gift may only retail for $19.95 but the ring might set you back.

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