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Ordinary Sweaters: The Yokes on Her

"Please, let's take a trip together. Conrad will be alright" Wearing a fall inspired Yoke Collar Sweater, Beth Jarret begs her husband Calvin to get away from it all. "We can stay with my brother." Their son Conrad has just returned home after 8 months in a mental institution — he attempted suicide. The concentric geometric designs bring out the worried expression in her face. Beth has tried so hard to be the well dressed martyr but, her cashmere pullover only conceals her devastating flaws.

The Yoke Collar sweater was popular in late 1960's. It conjured images of ski slopes in Aspen or a second home in Maine. It's related to the Raglan Sweater, but with multiple decreases from the chest to the neckline. "The Opinionated Knitter" (Schoolhouse Press) is a collection of Elizabeth Zimmerman's newsletters and notes. Zimmerman demystifies the Yoke Collar (and others) and embellishes with smart Fairisle patterns. She actually makes this sweater less icky. This is definitely on a knitter's must-have list.

Jeannine Pratt (Elizabeth McGovern) and Conrad sing in the high school choir. As Conrad's relationship with his mother disintegrates like a moth-eaten scarf, he reaches out to Jeannine. In French, juane means yellow but it also means happy. Jeannine, in her favorite crayon yellow sweater resembles a young Beth Jarret, who was once bubbly, adventurous, funny, and caring. With her sleeves pushed up, Jeanine said yes to a date with Conrad.

"Calvin, are you alright?" A concerned Beth asked a loaded question sporting a subdued harlequin argyle jumper, but this is no joke. The Jarrets are about to split apart at the seams — their family life now thread-barren and worn from trauma.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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