Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Knit PH at Freddy's Oct. 18

I sat and listened to the Karl Walter Jr. Tio after the group left — very smooth experimental jazz. Cool stuff, I felt like I was in a Jarmush movie about knitting. I’m marking them down on my calendar.

Jane, Penelope, Jennifer, and Frank came out on a cold wet night for beer and balls. Randy and Marian are new to the group. Randy was getting the hang of casting-on and basic knit. Learning is a good thing to do with a group. It beats watching Channel 13 documentaries while eating cereal out of the box.

Penelope just got back from her Midwestern trip. Filipinos are from the Midwest? Don’t they usually come from Queens? I'm glad to have Jane and Penelope on board, they don’t mind lending a hand to the newbies. Jane is looking at colleges (Stony Brook). Penelope rolled her eyes and quipped “For what, medicine?” Jane is from Long Island, which means she’ll probably follow the ancient Chinese tradition of Science, Math or Legal professions. I went towards the arts, I’d make a terrible doctor — sick people totally gross me out. Marian worked on her neck warmer, she learned to knit but never learned to cast-on. Her mother always did that part for her. Knitting has inherent co-dependant qualities, this group encourages independence.

Jane finished one sock from "Favorite Socks, 25 Timeless Designs" (Interweave Press) — a beautiful lace pattern knit top-down. She tried it on and showed the group. Frank peeked over his orange ribbed hat and said “I want to make something like that.” With time Frank, get through that hat first. I asked about what everyone thought about Yuni Jang, the new 20-something ME at Interweave Magazine. The consensus was luke-warm. Former ME, Pam Allen seemed to have more progressive ideas. Yuni Jang is more traditional and more technically challenging. I leafed through a winter issue the other day and noted there’s less focus on men’s stuff. I'm not sure what the new visions is for Interweave. Jane preferred Knit Simple.

Jennifer’s cable hat was reaching it’s end, she got up to swift a skein for a new project. Randy did well for a beginner, he made 3" of garter. By 10:00 the band showed up, some of us stuck around to listen but it was a school night. Penelope packed her bag, she teaches in Westchester. Everyone seems to have these incredible knitting bags. I have a duffle bag that I used for RCA plugs and mike chords, and a fine selection of plastic zip bags. I admit I’m a bit jealous.

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