Monday, February 21, 2011

KnitPH @ Prospect Perk, Feb. 12, 2011

This winter weather has been all over the map. After a deep freezing storm, we had some 50° days. The banks of ice that line the streets are staring to thaw. Probably be due to that recent solar flare.

We had an intimate MeetUp at Prospect Perk Café, just we five. I hadn't seen Patricia in a while, she's just come back from a retreat in India — singing, dancing, village walks, and of course great Indian food. She's working on some Chemo Caps for Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

I brought my "rustic" green yarn from Marrakech. There's just enough to make a long skinny Brioche Rib scarf. I hope the color stays as bright after it's washed. My hands and needles were stained green from working with it. Meredith told me about some the rustic yarn that she bought in Scotland form a cottage craftsman. It is so rustic that she's picking out the thistles.

Mai is modifying a hat pattern to suit her taste. She's using a yarn that she bought when she and Ken were in Mexico. The natural colors are very handsome — varying shades of taupe and cream. Jeremy finally made it to our MeetUp. He's recently moved here from North Carolina to join his fiancée. He's still adjusting to New York, and as luck would have it, he found work right away. He's a marionette operator. Jeremy makes jewelry by crocheting patterns over river rocks — each one is unique and beautiful. I like the way the smoothness of the rock peeks out from the texture of black mercerized cotton.

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