Monday, February 21, 2011

When Life’s a Beach

Enough with this cold weather! I've got my Square Peg mitered hat on, and I'm ready for a day at the beach. It's 17° outside and bitter cold, but I think of warmer days and I can almost feel the sand crushing beneath my feet. How good is that Sunday BBQ when its aroma hangs heavily and drifts seductively on a warm slow breeze?

Island culture was a big part of my upbringing, sometimes I can hear the beach calling me when I pull my hat low, over my eyes. I  hear the laughter of gulls and the surf clapping sharply onto the shore. I think of picking star apples while looking for Lost Pond. I remember how the salty Pacific air feels on my skin and how sweet and tart a ripened Indian mango tastes, especially when you've picked it yourself.

Square Peg beach hat is knit entirely in linen stitch, a slipped stitch pattern that has the appearance of a course weave — making for a very firm fabric. It brindles variegated yarn into a much more interesting, softer texture.

Short-row corners make for a perfectly square brim. The Crab Stitch trim defines the crown and also fortifies the edges. Square Peg is made for serious play.

There's a few bugs in the pattern, but my Square Peg will be ready before spring. Thanks Justin B. for modeling my hat.

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