Saturday, September 24, 2011

Identity Crises Resolved

Finally! After pondering a plethora of mood boards, look books, color systems, iconography and logotypes... I have arrived at the perfect logo for The Yarn Monkey™. A logo is the cornerstone of an identity system that visually communicates the brand’s personality— playful, creative, innovative, reliable. It takes a focused vision and critical thinking to design a unique logo  that will live through out a variety of media.

But what is a brand? Throughout the late ‘90s its meaning became diluted into a confusing PR buzz word that became further confused through unfocused marketing campaigns. If one is trying to “think out of the box” too often, there must be something wrong with that box. Brands often suffer from an identity crisis in this day and age, most people do not know the difference between Toyota and Honda. And much like a reliable car a brand needs care and maintenance.

Simply put, a brand is the idea or conceptual image of a product or service. It identifies a company or product by name, logo, slogan, and philosophy. In a digital age, branding is integral to websites and blogs, as it allows a company to expand its reputation directly with the people it serves. The Yarn Monkey™ is a brand of Softwear Patterns for People Who Knit & Crochet... now back to work on my online pattern store.

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Hope Furno said...

I love the new layout and logo. It looks great!