Friday, September 16, 2011

Blue Zuki iPhone Caddy

OK Paloma, if you’re reading my blog it’s no surprise, I finally got around to finishing your Zuki iPhone caddy in your favorite shade of blue. It goes in the mail tomorrow bound for L.A . — Happy Belated Birthday and don’t text while walking!

I was very flattered — of all the things that a very hip tween wanted for her birthday, my friend Dawn’s daughter requested my Zuki cell phone caddy. Everything is just late, and as of late I’ve been busy developing Zuki’s big brother, the Wombat® iPad Tech Pillow. This Zuki is a vast improvement over the first one. It’s now 200% cuter. In other news, Tom and I have are close to getting the Wombat® into production and out to market. Cheers to TomTone Industries!

This bean bag caddy uses a combination of crochet and knitting techniques. The upper portion is knit in Woven Stitch. The eyes, ears, base and trim are crocheted. Check out Blue Zuki with Justin’s iPhone, shot at Prospect Perk Café. That’s Justin’s dog Rector in Zuki’s mouth.. or hands, or is it a pouch...

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