Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Last BBQ of the Season at Freddy’s Bar — September 5, 2011

A mountain of food magically reappears— this is round three.
The Memorial Day BBQ is the last one of the season — a toast to the official end of summer. Pat O'Shea and I grilled afternoon into evening at Freddy’s Bar. As the days grow short and the leaves fall, may we all recall the good times and the wonderful flavors of summer: Ellen’s wasabi potato salad, Josh’s potato and bacon salad, Diane’s famous fudge, Clara’s deviled eggs, Anna’s BBQ chili chicken, Rick James’ jerk chicken patties... corn on the cob, grilled pineapple, fresh anchovies, veggie dogs and patties, German bratwurst, Polish Kielbasa, kimchi relish... great weather, grilled food, old and new friends, good times.

The grill calls and a crowd assembles.
It’s not a dive bar unless you have a decent-size backyard shark.

I can caramelize a pineapple with EVO but what can one make from "UVU?"
People wait patiently for a burger as Clara shares her delicious deviled eggs.
Jer, Freddy’s partner Matty Kuhn, and Tom are at the front of the line.. again.
Dogs, bratts, burgers, kielbasa, BBQ chicken....

Of course we had a few vegetarians...

Will spiced things up with freshly brined anchovies and Polish mustard.

This little sneaky fella is waiting for something to stray from a plate.

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