Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cat Nip Bagel for Breakfast

The act of play is a healthy instinct for people and pets, so I try to keep Phillip the cat entertained with scrap yarn toys — otherwise he destroys the couch. I think every New York cat needs a Cat Nip Bagel, so make one for breakfast.

Crochet a Cat Nip Bagel
You’ll need a US C hook (2.5 mm) and some left over medium to DK weight yarn.

Side One
Chain 5. Join yarn
R01: 14 sc into ring. (st total: 14)
R02: 14 sc into top of chain.
R03 and R04: 14 sc to end.
R05: Sc twice in each stitch. (28)
R06: 28 sc.
R07: *6 sc, 2 sc in next stitch; repeat from * 3 more times. (32)
R08: *sc, 2 sc in next stitch; repeat from * 7 more times. (48)
R09 to R11: 48 sc.
R10: Sl st between posts to end. Cut yarn, sew in ends.( st total: 48)

Side Two
Pick up 14 sc from R01 of Side One, then repeat R02 to R10. Stuff with batting and sew sides closed.

Don’t make it heavy or too large. Cats like things that they can bite into and carry. My assistant, Phillip the cat, will demonstrate it’s mesmerizing properties. Now fill the bagel hole with cat nip and stand back.

What Do Cats Want?
This is an age-old question that will always remain a mystery. But after a bit of research and vet question, I have good idea as to what cats see — more subtle shades of gray than any Midtown fashion victim could ever sport in a lifetime. By nature they are nocturnal creatures whose eyes are hair-trigger sensitive to motion in low light.

Humans and primates perceive colors in combinations of red, green and blue but cats do not perceive red. After much animal testing I found that Phillip the cat prefers yellow, gray, and blue toys... and much to our disgust, a dirty frayed 3" piece of white packing string.

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