Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Tropical Treasure — Blue Mahoe Hardwood Needles

I'm branding a new line of knitting tools for Stitch Therapy. Proprietor, Maxcine Degouttes, arrived back from a working vacation in Jamaica with her line of handcrafted knitting needles made from Blue Mahoe (Talipariti elatum), an exotic Caribbean hardwood that has striations that range from ebony and cream to blueish-gray and pale violet — no two cuts of wood are ever alike. Turning, sanding, and varnishing the wood on a lathe enhances the subtle detail and color.

Talipariti elatum is an arboreal hibiscus that grows quite rapidly, reaching heights of 60 feet or more at maturity. It is ecologically sustainable and forested regularly. One of its natural qualities is resistance to rot which lends lends itself to making to make musical instruments, storage cases, architectural details, and hardwood floors. These hardwood needles feel good in my hands — light weight and smooth. The mahogany cap adds a bit of warmth to the palette. But most of all these single points look stunning. BTW, these are mine.

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