Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hugo: News-Boy Brioche Cap

James showed me his new tatto today. I though he was wearing a t-shirt under his t-shirt. It's a large arm tattoo of a green dragon chasing its tail. I've never had a tattoo myself. Just not my speed. James is good hat model. He's sporting Hugo, a Brioche Stitch news-boy style cap. I know this hat pattern is popular with women, but I think of this more as being a guy's hat.

I'm going to try this as a two-color brioche later. It folds completely flat and fits rolled-up in a jacket or back pocket.

I used Karabella "Majestic" (merino, mohair, nylon) doubled-up with other wool yarns — Cascade 220 and some hand-dyed stuff. It needed more weight, but I didn't want it to look bulky. I started by making a garter stitch head band. I made the visor separately and sewed it onto the band. I picked up stitches from the headband and knit upwards in Brioche. To close the hat I swtiched to regular 1 X 1 rib and decreased. The visor is self-supporting and stands clear away from the face. A little felting with an iron helps too.

By the way, this is not an optical effect, James is actually that white. If you stare hard enough you can see his heart pumping right through his chest. I should just make him a hat, he always seems hesitant when I say "OK give it back to me now." I've been working on this pattern for about a week, so far I like it.

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