Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Little Vigo

It's back to the grind for me. I had a meeting on Tuesday to revise content and web site specs. A sign of getting older is when you consider being sick having "some time off". This flu has progressed quite well — I've developed a Captain Jack Sparrow swagger. As my hacking cough subsided I also took on a crackly Sally Struthers voice. I actually woke myself up mumbling about feeding the third world for just 50 cents a day. That was just the flu talking.

My joints still hurt, but I made a Little Vigo for little Jyothi, she may be too old (3) for the mouse-ear hat. I'll let their parents decide which child gets what. Little Vigo is made from an orange worsted Brown sheep. It sorta looks like a tangerine with a visor. While running out to buy more flu relief (before the relapse), I ran into my neighbor Mia. She's doing much better, she was still on crutches, but getting around. She laughed when I flagged her down. Was it my the Jack Sparrow swagger? She thanked me for all the yarn and said "You saved me! I was so bored in the hospital." It's good to see her out and about. She has a longer recovery ahead, but it helps when one's spirits are high.

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