Monday, January 28, 2008

Knit PH at Maha's: January 23, '08

I moved Knit PH at Maha's to the fourth Wednesday of January since the original date fell on the day after New Years. I wasn't hung over, but I did have the flu. We added a few new people to our small group. Marci is from Windsor Terrace. Jeff lives in the Bronx, but stopped in to knit before he caught the train home. Travis ferried from Staten Island (this man needs a car). Tomo finished her monkey hat, that is one sweet sweeeet hat. I asked her to send me an image. Emily (which Emily?) asked if she could crash, she didn't have time to RSVP this month. I told her I'd stand if needed. This February Emily, Tomo and I are going to form a team for Diorama Night at Freddy's. I'm working on the pre-game trash talk — we play to win, what can I say.

We've got an interesting group, I've noticed that many people in the group are from a publication related or Libarary Science fields. Meg is an acq. editor, Melissa and Jeff — Library Science, and Marci works in children's books. We had a soft-trade conversation about the industry and where it's going, books, magazines... etc. I told them about some of the most rediculous magazines that I developed — the weirdest one being Money Magazine's children's issue called "Money! For Kids" Doesn't that sound evil?

Meg and I were the lucky one's, Maha gave us cake on our way out. Yummm.

Meanwhile, on the Needle

I made a bunch of silk screened labels. Pearl Paint makes custom screens for $25 and up. The investment was low, but the commitment to silk screening was taxing. I got ink on my shoe and dragged it all over the floor and carpet. Then I got the ink on the curtains. After all is said and done I can only use 80% of them. It also didn't occur to me that sewing round shapes into a hat is very slow work.

So why am I making my own labels? Maxcine asked if I wanted to sell Hugo at her shop, Stitch Therapy. Low return on product? Hours of intensive labor? Hand cramps? Of course I do!! I'm developing the Yarn Monkey as a brand. A friend asked if anyone might think the monkey image might be seen as "racist". How? It looks just like me without the cigarette. In the future I'll just order woven labels from Or maybe I should get on of those sewing helper monkeys. Anyhow, Hugo will be sold at Stitch Therapy starting this February. My friend Eric is also pushing me to jump on the ETSY bandwagon. I'm just one guy — better get more needles.

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