Sunday, January 13, 2008

Knit PH at Perk: Jan 10 '08

Travis, just started knitting a few weeks ago. In a manner of speaking, he's hooked. He actually missed the Staten Island ferry while working on his purl. We had a good crowd at Prospect Perk. Tomo finished a neck warmer before she went out dancing — she's into swing.
Meg was from the old hood but she and her husband moved to South Slope (my old neighborhood). With the threat of a massive arena construction South Slope and Midwood seem to be the logical next move these days. She's working on an apple green baby blanket. Archie is working on a baby blanket as well. I've been meaning to sign up for his Thursday Park Slope circle, I just don't know when I'll have time.

Emily, Emily, and Emeilie — we now have more Emily's than we can shake a stick at. Emeilie, is a Music Teacher, she was working on some End Paper mittens. I like the pattern a lot, it does look like the the decorative paper that follows the colofont. Emielie said that Melissa would be late, she had a flood in her apartment. Emily by proxy is in China. She's probably reading this from some covert computer in a tea house. Emily from Queens, showed up, she works in publication design. She's originally from Seattle. I thought she found our circle through Edna (from Sunnyside Queens) but she found us on Ravelry. Both of them talked about starting a group in Astoria. I'd definetly go, those old Russian and Greek ladies are harboring ancient secrets.

Melissa, arrived for some reprieve from her flood situation. A hot water pipe had burst and leaked into everything in her closet — including her wedding pictures! She said that her photos were all digital o that's the least of her problem, the wall was starting to cave.
I was amazed at her stealthy Shaolin-like calm. It must be from years of Library Science training. Randy just stopped for socializing and observation, he's ready for a new project.

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