Tuesday, January 01, 2008

That Auld-Lang Sign

5:05 am 2008. As I paid for my $6 sushi at Flatbush Farms (the 24 grocer) the cashier said "Kansahamnida, and Happy New Year". I'm not Korean, but at this hour I guess we all look a bit... ethnic. I went to three parties tonight — Freddy's Bar was my last stop. There was a champaigne toast at midnight, a few bands played. I felt like I was in the best place on earth, but by the time the entire back room sang "White Rabbit" for the third time, I knew it was time to leave the bar. On my way out someone spilled single-malt wiskey down my coat. My mouth feels like a sandy ashtray. My feet hurt. My throat is sore. What a night. All these are auld-lang signs of a good time. I'm home now, my apartment smells like a brand new shower curtain and clean laundry, and my bed smells like fresh cotton sheets.

Mz. Vickers asked me, "Why don't you make me a hat." I replied "Because you're obnoxious." Her attitude improved, but I gave Vigo to Long-tall John tonight. This hat is called Vigo, it's made from all the left over Lamb's Pride (wool/cahmere) in the bin: Walnut, Sable and Moss Green. I doubled the yarn to get a chunky-heathered effect. This hat has a square visor with mitered corners — it does not need plastic support. The visor is picked up from the cast-on edge, double-knit, and then sewn back into the rim. The rib pattern is based on a repeat of 4 stitches over two rounds:

R1: P2, K2.
R2: P2, C1B.

I told John not to show it to Keeton, his girlfriend. But by the end of the evening she pulled it out of her bag and mouthed "MINE!" to me. Goodbye Vigo, John will miss you terribly. Reminder: pick up chicken wings by 1:00 for New Year's Day party.


It's a new year, so what the hell. Vicker's got her hat this weekend. She's a Steeler's fan.

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